Make tonight a movie night!

First run drive-in in Shelbyville, IN hosts 35mm retro events.

My favorite pizza buffet in Greenfield, IN has a basketball theme.

My favorite menu item is their famed Dep Charge.

About Us

My name is Paul. I found Adventureland Video from 3 encounters that changed my life. My childhood infatuation with a video disc store. Seeing an abandoned Adventureland Video storefront as a teen. Then using my first credit card to buy the inventory of an old video store.

After a few months of visiting video stores and buying more movies, I set out to open a small store. When that location fell through, I rented the front half of a much larger building. We quickly outgrew our space and the back half was available but only if I bought the building. So I did and my lofty goals took over. Costing me my dream and valued friends along the way. 

Years of soul searching and a full autopsy of the experience followed. In reality, I recognize that I was young and stupid and adopted a go big or go home mentality. This youthful ignorance got in the way of critical thinking. While I would do things a lot different, I don't regret the massive or the experience. 

I want to thank everyone for the part they played. From my friends and family, some of the greatest employees around, and dedicated regular customers. Considering the population, we did very well and that would likely have continued. I let all of you down and for that I am truly sorry. 

Going forward, I will go into greater detail in the blog. From the inspirations, to my original store concept, to my lofty goals that proved to be a costly mistake and how I got here. I think we are the some of our experiences. So I hope you charish the experience as much as I do.     


Homecourt of Hickory Huskers in Hoosiers.

Hoosier Gym visitors should plan to dine with Kevin. Everything is homemade.

An eclectic collection from Mark Sean Orr that defies description.

I highly recommend the giant hand tossed pizza.