Our brick & mortar video store gone, but I will never be forget it. You I can never repay. This is my tribute to you. 


Growing up, I loved movies. It wasn't the acting or filmmaking like others. For me, it was all about the experience. And knew that I wanted to share that.

I loved this video record store. Flipping through those huge discs. It always meant another weekend of movies. While other kids collected baseball cards, I was buying VHS movies. 

My inspiration was an old storefront. A fading yellow sign that read Adventure Land. Black letters flowed from a reel of film. I loved it. The name stuck with all those years. 
My collection consisted of 500 movies. Most of them were garage sale finds. Then I doubled my collection with the inventory of a small video store going out of business.
I would spend sleepless nights pouring through the records. Taking in how it worked.  Cleaning the service counter and my old register. All I needed was my own store.  

 With a vacant barber shop beside my apartment, I thought I had found it. What could be more convenient? Sadly, that would not be available in time. 


I was heading back from vacation with many more movies and fixtures that I would need. My next option was half of a much larger building pictured above. 


The owner was using the lower level and back half. Having added more movies, a larger counter, a cooler, and lots of snacks, I needed more space. 


I eventually bought the building and set out to design my new store -- an entertainment superstore. A screening room and snack bar would occupy the basement with a video arcade above. 


We were thinking about adding video games and DVDs too. Being young and stupid, that pocket full of plastic would last forever. I could dream big and build big for small monthly payments.


Between my lofty goals, personal demons, and the expectations of customers, I bit off much more than I could chew. My empire of plastic would ultimately collapse. Tanking my hopes and dreams. 


To you, it may be a costly mistake.  But I don't  regret it. I  would even do it again. Why? Because I lived my dream, met great people, made new friends, and learned a great deal too. 
Well, I do have one regret. I gambled the dream you gave me on an even bigger dream and lost it all. I disappointed all of you -- from my friends and family to the community I wanted to serve. 
Good or bad, we are the sum of our experiences. Who and where you are is decided by them. All we can do is build on the good and learn from the bad. And always cherish what you have. 

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Adventureland Video
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