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Our video store maybe closed, but it will never be forgotten. I like to think that we simply moved it online. We welcome customer input and submissions. Please use the form provided. 

About Us

I grew up with a video disc player. I loved the movies and the video store. As a kid, I knew I wanted to grow up and share that experience. 

The name stems from an abandoned storefront. Particularly the Adventureland signage visible in the windows. That name just stuck with me. 

I got the opportunity to buy a video store and I jumped at it. From there, I set out visiting stores and learning from their owners. 

As my house of cards started to collapse, I blamed everyone but myself. I know now that I was just young and stupid. More to the point, I had my head in the clouds. 

Had I been able to finish it., the new video store would have had a screening room, repair shop, arcade, and snack bar. The exterior would have looked like a mini movie palace. 

I don't regret the experience. What some would say was a big costly mistake was me living out a dream. Along the way I made new friends and I met some nice people. 

Waste no time on regret. We are the sum of our experiences. Who and where you are today was decided by choices you made yesterday. 

-- Paul Goodson 

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Adventureland Video
177 Main Street
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Open Daily 1PM-8PM

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We would really appreciate the services of a coder, graphic artist and film critic. You will receive credit for for your work. Send me a message and I will share my goals.