Make tonight a movie night!

Todd is working his way through law school as a DJ and photographer.

Mark is a historian, genealogist & photographer serving Henry County, IN. 

Dakota is the son of Mark. He also works as a photographer. 

Don also designs ads and promotes retro events.

Aspiring filmmakers can adapt a short story.

Theatrical distribution for indie filmmakers.

Food blogger and cookbook author.

Angela can turn your treasured keepsakes into custom jewelry. 

Studio, birth or special events. Destination weddings welcome.



It takes teamwork to make the dream work. 

-- Koda Bear

We celebrate independent filmmakers here at Adventureland. They are both starving artists and struggling entrepreneurs. Driven by a passion and restrained by budget. The vast majority of us can relate on some level. Unlike their Hollywood mentors, they lack huge crews, famous names, big budgets, and guaranteed distribution. Whether you are able to join the cast or crew, back their film, share their trailers or just enjoy their efforts. All of them would really appreciate your support. The purpose of this page is to help you do just that. 






Cameron was designated by Stephen King as a Dollar Baby.

Sandy Slaven is an indie filmmaker. 

Candy Beard is a Hoosier with several films to her credit.

Candy & Daniel support fellow indie filmmakers.

A west-coast based filmmaker. Have you seen Going Attractions?

Mark will surprise you with what he knows about your favorite films.

Adam has two YouTube channels. He often visits filming locations.

In addition to filming locations, he has great Route 66 travel vlogs.

John Hess on the history, science, and art of filmmaking.

Freelance business and filmmaking services.