I want to share my thoughts on something near and dear to me. Independent film and filmmakers are the starving artists of my favorite hobby. We have much in common. And we are not alone here. Everyone has a hobby they are passionate about. One that costs more than it makes.

My passion for indie film comes from countless hours of YouTube. Watching filmmakers, wannabe stars and even vloggers. All of them trading their passion for likes and selling t-shirts.  Knowing success is having just the right person see their work. The person who can open doors for them. 

With Adventureland Video just another labor of love at that point, I could relate. They have stories to tell, feelings to share and lives to change. I was already sharing great movies. So sharing indie films was a great fit. Thinking what it would it be like to find the next filmmaking legend.    

A short time later, I shared an intriguing Canadian Movie Club. Simply put, like-minded movie buffs would host movie nights and then pass the hat. The donations they collected were then given to charity. It was an amazing idea that stuck with me.

Why not do the same thing with indie films? Screen them and use the money collected to help fund them. So I shared that idea in hopes would give it a try. Of course, it didn't work as intended. That will require connecting movie buffs with the filmmakers. I can do that. 

So I set out to do that. I was already sharing great movies and helping movie buffs make the best of the movie experience -- from drive-ins to home theaters. Then I got side-tracked by an effort to save my local drive-in. I envisioned a non-profit that would share great movies and benefit charity. And maybe premiere a few.  

While I did not accomplish all of my goals. My drive-in is gone. I'm confident that I have inspired movie buffs to consider a home theater and snack bar. To give drive-ins a try and to support indie film. There is an undeniable growing interest in indie film. I hope I played a small part.

My movie club goal seemed logistically hopeless. How do you get indie films in the hands of hosts without breaking the bank? Well, technology is finally on our side. A private streaming channel could do just that. As long as I am here, I figure that can still happen. Unfortunately, I need your help to do that. 

I do have some tools that I have found over the years. Subscribers to my original newsletter will remember I often shared filmmaking hacks. Long before digital video, online streaming and even DVD on demand. I wish I hadn't lost that archive. 

  • Seed & Spark is a crowdfunding and streaming service for filmmakers.
  • Tugg is the only way I am aware of to get into theaters without a distributor. 
  • StarNow connects actors, extras and other film professionals with filmmakers.
  • Film Locations Wanted is a directory of properties that welcome filmmakers.
  • Pro Photo Rental offers equipment rental. Local pick-up or have it delivered.
  • Insure My Equipment allows you to insure your owned and rented equipment.
  • Disc Makers is a short-run printer and duplicator of posters, DVDs and Blu-rays. 
  • TeePublic lets you sell your own designs on countless products in your store & others. 

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