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Old Town Music Hall – CBS Los Angeles


After more than a year, Covid-19 is still ravaging the nation and California where few things are open. The 1950s drive-in tradition is back, allowing you to safely catch a movie on the big screen. From traditional drive-ins to one booked for demolition to lots of pop-ups, that 1933 invention could be making a come back. 

"It's kind of a mixed blessing, but Mission Tiki has expanded its audience base and done well during Covid," Frank Huttinger, CEO of DeAnza Land and Leisure, owner of Mission Tiki Drive-In,  explained. "You can buy a five-foot TV for 500 U.S. dollars now ... It's disappointing but I'm not going to make a long bet on drive-in theaters." 

To this developer, I would remind him of guys like him who gave up on drive-ins in the 1980s. But the survivors continue to thrive and new ones open every year. 
Yes, theaters are coming back. Yes, the TV is getting bigger and cheaper. Yes, streaming is here to stay. No, that real movie experience can not be duplicated at home for $500. 
Technology and screen size are only part of that experience. The other is harder to explain and even harder to duplicate. We can only feel it. 

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