How do you make popcorn? After Christmas, I graduated to my first commercial style popcorn popper. It has a small 2.5 ounce kettle. But it pops quickly so I can do about 3-4  batches in about 10 minutes. 

I spent 2-3 years looking at various theater style popcorn poppers. Reading hundreds of reviews and watching hours of videos. Noting the many features that I wanted.

Those features are separate controls for lamp & kettle. This allows me to pre-warm my kettle to speed up the popping time. And you can keep popcorn warm too.

Mine has the kettle control arm on the inside. I would of preferred it on the outside. By opening the door open for dumping, you have popcorn that escapes. 

What I had wanted was a4 ounce kettle. Pre-measured packets and no need for multiple batches sounded good. As it turns, I am doing very well without either one. 

The smaller foot print makes it an easy fit on any counter. I use a small spray bottle of vinegar and water. That works well but you really need smaller hands than I have. 

Now for some warnings. Always use oil or buttered oil. The buttered oil is my choice for that hint of butter taste. Sugar or plain butter are both bad ideas. I recommend following the directions on the popper.  

Air poppers are no doubt cheaper and healthier. Microwave popcorn is much simpler and cheaper than pre-measured packs.With out them, my little popper is pretty cheap.

Bet I don't have to tell you that there countless popcorn and topping options out there. I am told many theaters use Flavacol. So far I have only used Kernal Seasons. 

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