Yes I do. I started with a Roku SE about 4 months. Then I graduated to Roku TV about 2 months ago. If I lost you, Roku is one of several video streaming options that use propriatory devices and your router.

These wireless devices connect to your wireless network to stream live video over the internet. Some are set top boxes and others are USB style adaptors. The initial investment and ongoing fees vary.

I chose Roku for the thousands of free channels and the ability to use my old TV. The SE was the only one I could find that used RCA jacks. All of the other devices required newer TVs with HDMI or USB connections.

You don't get premium content for free. The latest blockbusters are there as optional channels. Some rent individual movies and others require paid subscriptions. My only premium channel is Hulu Plus.

Many of your TV channels have Roku apps. Much like Hallmark & Lifetime, they require a paid cable provider to unluck all of their functionality. For example, there is a short window to watch Bate's Motel free.

Everyone in your home is sure to find a favorite channel. There are free and paid options for news, sports, movies, children, weather, travel, television, politics and more.

In my case, I eventually bought an HD TV and not just any TV. I bought a 32" Roku TV. This offers much of the usual functionality with a nice media interface. One big plus is one click access to each of the TVs inputs.

Obviously, streaming requires a broadband -- cable or DSL -- connection. I have the first teir of internet service from Xfinity. While it works, I would like to have faster internet.

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