Of course you do. You are probably thinking this is to good to be true. Well, there can be quite a bit of effort involved. So one can argue they are not entirely free. Plus you can choose to pay shipping though I never do.

That said, I spend no more than an hour each day. Generally about half that. Mainly watching videos and clicking links for credits. Then I use the credits to bid on movies. Or whatever you want. There is a little bit of everything.

In addition to watching videos and taking surveys, you can buy credits or sell unwanted items for credits. Whatever you choose, the credits add up faster than you thinks thanks to free random credits.

Anyway, I am referring to Listia. You may recall seeing their posts on my Facebook or Twitter feeds. They feature movies that I won or lost out on. Each is worth credits. I earn 500 free credits a day for little or no effort.

There is VHS movies too. I got started bidding on them because they require fewer credits. I now bid on DVD for the most part. They are cheaper than blu-ray movies. Though I have landed some cheap blu-ray.

They even given you credits to get started. So you could bid on day one. If you join using my referral link, then we both earn free credits. I hope you choose to join. So I can use you to win great movies and more.

My most recent additions include American Pie & American Pie 2. Friday Night Lights, Rudy and Radio too. Even Talladega Nights and The Guilt Trip. I average about 1 win each week.

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