Make tonight a movie night!

Home theater basics in greater detail. 

Countless guides and videos that cover every aspect of home theaters. 

Soundproofing and sound absorption advice.

Movie mavericks keep the drive-in alive gorilla style.

He re-created ABC Cinema in his backyard.

Advice from a home theater contractor.

This home theater utilizes a really cool sound stage.

Home Video... Cinema Style

At some point, your love of home video will want that home theater treatment. And I urge you to give in and take the leap. It really can be affordable and I will show you how. 

I am not an expert by any means. So I just want to inspire you and share some observations. First, there is no shame in starting at the bottom. We can always upgrade our equipment later. 

Theater families will want to stay inside. Making a dual purpose family room a great option. Drive-in families might want to try movies on the lawn. Or you can always do both. 

Both will benefit from a dark and quiet space. How you manage this or to what degree is entirely up to you. Obviously, you want to be comfortable too. So plan accordingly. 

I know, projectors and speakers are expensive. But they don't have to be. Start with a cheap projector and fewer speakers. Any white wall can serve as a screen. 

Below are two cheap systems that I hope will convince you that a home theater can be part of yours. There are countless resources here for home theaters of any budget. 



$100 home theater in a box includes video player/streamer with 5 surround sound speakers. This projector does an amazing job for only $50. While a white wall will work, this $50 screen will greatly improve your viewing experience.



This $300 outdoor cinema package includes a digital projector, speakers, and inflatable screen. You provide a video source such as a player or cell phone.


Codes to control any device with a universal remote.

Audio experts since 1974. They tackle every audio issue you can imagine. 

Plans to build 3 outdoor screens using PVC pipe.

Why to paint a screen and what paints to use.


Rustic tiered theater seats and screen made from old pallets.

A quick & easy $200 home theater set-up.

An installer shares his tools & techniques.