Make tonight a movie night!

Everything you ever wanted to know about popcorn poppers.

Plans for 2 different PVC snack bars and a PVC concession cart.

Turn an unwanted entertainment into a snack bar.


Nothing compliments a movie like popcorn. And nothing compliments a home theater like a snack bar. Now that you have your home theater, we should talk concessions. 

Just like with the home theater, this too can be done on a budget. Again, I am not an expert. I just want to inspire you to take that leap and offer some observations.

I would first start with the menu. Chances are popcorn and drinks are a must with your family. Do you prefer theater or microwave style popcorn? Do you want a fridge or an iced cooler?

 You might want coffee or hot chocolate... especially for that movie on the lawn. Pods would likely be the simplest option. Another drink favorite might be Italian Ice. 

If you have kids, you will likely have requests for candy. Some assorted theater boxed candy would make a great. Or you might want to go all out with cotton candy.

Sometimes you will want a quick meal. For me, this is having a pizza delivered. But you may want a pizza oven. I also have a roller grill for sausage dogs. 

Just choose your options according to family preferences. Just look for the simplest way to do it. Prepping foods beforehand is also a great idea. Like pizza toppings for example. 

How you arrange your snack bar will depend on the complexity of your menu and the space you have available. I started with basic popcorn and canned drinks. You can add to your menu later. 

Movies make a great addition to a birthday party.

Check out their popcorn recipe portal.

They use hard candy in this video to make cotton candy.