This has everything you want to know about America's oldest snack food. 

With their flavors and recipes, You will never find popcorn boring again.

THE Snack Bar

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  • Snack-Totes

Nothing compliments a movie like snacks. So you will want a snack bar to complete the home theater. There is no need to break the bank here either.

Assess your needs and desires then factor in how to achieve them. Start small and grow is particularly important here as your choices will likely change. 

You will likely start with popcorn, cold drinks and candy or chips. So you could start with a popper, basket and cooler.  Then upgrade your popper, add a dorm size fridge/freezer and even a cotton candy spinner.

We hope the photos above inspire and reassure you. Most importantly, keep your choices limited and your methods simple so you can enjoy the movie.  

Upgrading from a popcorn popper to a popcorn machine? 

20 Dessert Recipes that find creative uses for cotton candy. 


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